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Cookies Notice

Cookies Notice



Kinokuniya Book Stores (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and AsianBasis (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Company”) pay attention to the protection of personal information. In order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and other relevant laws including any future amendments to the law. (“Personal Data Protection Law”), the company therefore prepares a cookie notice for website users (“you”) to know details about the company's cookie data processing.



What are cookies?

“Cookies” means text files placed on your computer that are used to store details of your computer traffic (Log), your Internet usage, or your browsing behavior.


Purpose of using cookies


The company will collect data on website visits. from all visitors through cookies (Cookies) or technology nearby and the company uses cookies for the benefit of improving the efficiency of accessing the company's services through the internet Including improving the efficiency of using the company's services via the Internet. It will be used for the following cases:

2.1 To help memorize information about your browser and settings and help you access the website continuously and increase the experience and satisfaction of using the service.

2.2 To help assess the efficiency and results of website services that are still not working well and should be improved.

2.3 To collect and analyze data on visits and use of website services to make the company understand that what are people interested in.

2.4 In order for the company to deliver a better experience in using the website to you including helping able to communicate services and public relations according to what you are interested in.

2.5. To analyze website data to help us measure the number of visits to the website and your response to the products we display. Help in improving the website.

2.6. In order for the company to target groups or use it to publish advertisements that will draw your attention. It is also used to limit the number of times you will see ad content and to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

2.7. In order for the company to develop services for you. Some of the cookies we use are essential for the operation of the website services while some cookies type used to store information (statistics) of your use on the website. In order for the Company to improve the services on the website to be more convenient to use and useful to you, some types of cookies are temporary cookies that disappear when you close your browser. While some cookies remain on your computer for a period of time, we also use local cookies, which are cookies that accompany local advertisements. These cookies disappear when the advertisement ends.

In case you do not consent to the use of cookies or disable certain types of cookies, it may affect the Company's website that is not exhaustive and may cause you not to be convenient or unable to access used in some parts of the Company's website.



Types of cookies used by the Company


Company website Both the Company's cookies (First party cookies) and third-party cookies are used (Third party cookies) which are set and set by third party service providers such as third-party companies with which the Company uses services or has a business partnership. To add features of work to the company's website.

Cookies that the Company uses may be divided into 2 types according to their storage and duration as follows:

4.1 Session Cookies are temporary cookies to recognize you during your visit to the Website of the Company, such as monitoring the language that you have set and used, etc., and will be deleted from your computer or device when you leave the website or close the web browser.

4.2 Persistent Cookies are cookies that remain for a specified period of time or until you delete it. These types of cookies will help the Company's website to remember you and your preferences when you return to use the website again. This will help you access the website more conveniently and quickly.



How to turn off cookies


You can disable cookies by setting up your browser and set privacy settings to block future collection of information by cookies. More details can be studied from:



Microsoft Edge




Links to Third Party Websites

This policy uses only for the use of the Company's services and the use of the Company's website.
If you have clicked a link to another website (Even through the channels on the company's website), you must study and comply with the policy that appear on that website separate from the Company’s.


Change policy


The Company will regularly review the policy to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Hence, The Company will notify you by updating the information on the company's website as soon as possible. Currently, the policy was last reviewed :15 December 2022.


Contact channels


Details of the controller of personal data
Company Name: Kinokuniya Book Stores (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and AsianBasis (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address: 49 Asia Sermkij Building, 3rd Floor, Soi Pipat, Silom Road, Silom Sub-district, Bangrak District, Bangkok 10500
Phone: 02-636-7960
Business hours: 09.00 am-6.00 pm


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