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How can I use E-Member Card at store?

Please present the QR code on E-Member Card upon payment.


You can click "My Member Card" to show the card image.

Then, please touch the image and show the QR code.

Can I renew my membership from E-Member Card?


You can renew your membership on/after 60 days before the expiry date from our member portal.

Please follow the Step-by-Step guide.



How can I create shortcut of E-Member Card on mobile home?

You can create shortcut by following the instructions as below.


Depending on web browser/ operating system, you might be guided to install app. By clicking “Install”, the web browser will create shortcut in home screen and you can use our portal like a mobile app.



*Our member portal uses progressive web app technology. It works like a mobile app, but basically it works on the web browser. No iOS or Android apps are downloaded.




I am a KPC member and I have physical member card. Can I also use E-Member Card?


Please follow the Step-by-Step guide.



I cannot log-in to E-Member Card with my mobile number or email. How can I log-in?

Send your request to activate E-Member Card via e-mail and do indicate your Kinokuniya Privilege Card number.


E-mail account you sent from is registered to the system. 


You can also ask at the cashier in our retail stores. 



How can I update my account information?

You can edit your profile from My Member Card - "More" menu at any time.


The change of email address and/or mobile number requires 2 step authentication.



I registered Kinokuniya Privilege Card E-Member Card. Can I have physical member card as well?

We issue physical member card as an option.

Please convey your request to the staff at the cashier.



What payment options are available for online membership purchase?

We accept payment with Visa, Master and JCB.

Can I apply for Kinokuniya Privilege Card membership from mobile?


Please follow the Step-by-Step guide. You can enjoy your privileges at Kinokuniya Thailand stores and our Webstore immediately.



How can I enjoy member discount at Kinokuniya Webstore?

Please enter your membership number and expiry date in shopping cart, or you can also register the information from Your Account page.



When will I start to enjoy membership discount on my online purchases via Kinokuniya Webstore,Thailand?

You will be able to enjoy the privileges on Kinokuniya Webstore, Thailand immediately upon receipt of application/renewal confirmation email. 



Am I able to use the Kinokuniya Privilege Card at Books Kinokuniya stores outside of Thailand?

The Kinokuniya Privilege Card membership privileges only apply at the retail stores in Thailand and via Kinokuniya Webstore, Thailand.



Please use a personal headshot portrait for the profile picture.
Please use a personal headshot portrait for the profile picture.

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